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Looking for Sober Holiday Accommodation ?


Travelling South Africa is a whole lot of fun, whether you a re doing it on a budget or staying in more exclusive establishments. In the end it doesn’t matter too much, because most of the travellers we know, come to South Africa for the natural beauty. The pristine beaches, the unexplored mountain trails and the diverse wildlife and vegetation. We recently had an unusual request from a guest. Where is it possible to find holiday accommodation in a sober living house in Cape Town ? It’s not something one often thinks of, because most of us equate a holiday with drinking alcohol, having sundowners on the beach or celebrating with champagne over the festive season. One forgets that not everybody actually drinks alcohol and there are some folks who actively seek out accommodation where alcohol is not served at all. There are many people in South Africa and visitors to our country who are in “recovery”, meaning that they have struggled with alcoholism or some form of addiction in the past and would prefer to steer clear of overly festive holiday accommodation. Considering that many establishments make a fair profit on their alcohol sales, such sober living holiday accommodation isn’t that easy to find. We did some research and discovered that there are in fact a few places in Cape Town that do cater for this type of holiday maker. Scotswood Retreat is a charming renovated farmstead set on the most exquisite property in the leafy suburb of Constantia in Cape Town. It’s a fairly new sober living house, but Scotswood has some really great amenities and facilities besides the obvious ones like, WiFi, Cable TV and gorgeous gardens and swimming pool. Scotswood is self catering although cooked dinners are provided six days a week. Most the information can be found here on the Scotswood sober house website, including the pricing and requirements for admission. Yes, there are admission requirements, unlike your regular B&B or guesthouse, Scotswood is committed to maintaining a safe and sober living environment for it’s residents and will not allow any alcohol or tolerate any other from of substance other than approved medication that has been verified for use. This sober house in Cape Town should be first choice for anybody wanting to enjoy all the charm and beauty of a holiday in Cape Town, whilst avoiding the temptation to turn their back on their commitment to a sober life. It can happen so quickly, especially during the festive season chaos. We wish Scotswood and all those in recovery, all the best.

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