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Health always comes first – even on holiday !


The Beach Camp and other rustic tourist accommodation destinations in and around Cape Town offer people an escape from the stresses of modern life. In today’s world we don’t realize how far we are removed from our natural state of living in harmony with the environment. People are so attached to their electronic devices, smartphones, iPads, iPods and laptops that they barely even notice what goes on around them. Sometimes a restful holiday is not enough and its necessary to seek professional help. Dr Anita Prag is a southern suburbs psychologist that specializes in dealing with anxiety, trauma and the other psychological difficulties many of us face. What often strikes me as quite strange, is how many guests that book accommodation at remote and peaceful establishments, are still obsessed with speed of the wifi and still remain fixated on their electronic devices. These guests have paid a fair deal of money to enjoy the beauty and surrounding nature of a remotely situated camp or guesthouse, yet they still cannot seem to tear themselves away from technology. I am quite certain that in years to come, our obsession with our electronic devices and the need to be up to date all the time with the most arbitrary Facebook posts, or tweets/twats (whatever they are called), will present itself as a form of psychological illness that requires treatment. Addiction is sometimes explained as repeating a behavior over and over regardless of the negative consequences. I can think of many people I know who struggle to not continuously check their phones for messages and Facebook updates, despite how much it annoys their partners ! I mentioned Dr Prag earlier in this article, because she is one of those rare medical professionals that actually really cares about her patients and not just the paycheck. A few years ago My ex-wife and I were seeing a psychologist for couples therapy. I will never forget how at the beginning of each session, he would place the clock on the table between us. I was more aware of time and money ticking away with each tick of the second hand, than I was of the process my ex wife and I were supposed to be engaged in. Ten minutes before the end of the session he would handle the clock as if to subtly hint that we should start drawing to a close. It was extremely distracting and annoying. Dr Prag on the other hand is an empathetic individual with the rare capability of truly connecting with her clients and allowing a strong level of trust to rise in only one or two sessions. Anita has said that the level of trust between her and a patient is what will make that patients treatment either successful or unsuccessful. Dr Prag has natural ability to form trusting relationships with her patients very quickly and this goes a long way in ensuring a positive outcome for the therapeutic process. Like all other clinical psychologists, Anita has her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, but her god given ability to connect with people on an emotional level is not something that can be studied or learned. Dr Anita Prag sees clients for a variety of difficulties, children with learning disabilities, couples who need therapy, people who a battling to deal with grief, loss or trauma. Any patient who does manage to get to see Dr Prag should consider themselves lucky because not all psychologists are created equal.

I started this article writing about the absurdity of going away on a peaceful restful holiday, yet still taking all those distracting gadgets with us that ultimately cause us more stress than anything else. I suppose my point is, is that if you are one of those people that cant bare to be away from your internet connected device for more than a few minutes, perhaps your money would be better spent meeting a good psychologist for a few sessions. Because behind that compulsion to click and tap away on that little screen, is a deep need to escape reality. I would thoroughly recommend DR Prag if you a southern suburbs psychologist. You can find here details on her website by clicking here

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