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Give your website a boost with SEORank Marketing Agency


Generating new leads for your business and finding new customers is one of the most important things any business owner needs to consider. Without new customers coming through the door, a business will eventually die. In years gone by business owners simply placed their business in directories like the yellow pages of other printed directories and that was enough. Those with enough of a marketing would pay for radio or television advertising. These days however, for the small business owner, placing ads in local print media or the yellow pages is simply not enough. Since the arrival of the world wide web and people’s reliance on search engines like Google, people are relying more and more and finding the information they seek by using the internet on their desktop computers or on their mobile phones. This means without having a web presence of some sort, your business is going to suffer and lose out eventually to those that have already begun to capitalize on the the new way in which people search for things. So, for starters, your business needs a website. Websites are not as costly to setup as they once were. Hosting is is available at very affordable rates for small businesses and with content management systems like WordPress, it’s even possible for many people with a small amount of technical knowledge to quickly design their own basic website to represent their business. Just something simple like a homepage, a contact page with your business contact details and perhaps a products and services page.

So now you have a website and perhaps you decide to setup a Facebook business page for your business, considering all the hype around social media…and the amount of time some people waste on social media platforms, endlessly posting selfies and updates about what they’re eating. Creating a Facebook business page for your business is a good idea, no matter what your feeling are towards social media, it is a tremendously powerful medium that cannot be ignored. Ok, so now you have your website built and a Facebook business page and your expecting loads of new customers to start emailing you the very next day. If only it were so easy. Unfortunately the world wide web contains millions and millions of websites, and your is only one of them out there. This is where professionals like SEORank can help you. SEOrank is a search engine optimization (SEO) agency that specializes in marketing businesses on the web. SEO is the practice of optimizing your website so that it is best received by the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. For example, if you want your customers to find you by searching for the keyword, “plumber”, but the word is never mentioned on your website, you have no chance of ever appearing in the search results. That’s a pretty obvious example that should be easy for most people to understand. It does get a lot more complicated. SEO can be divided into two separate areas. Onpage optimization and off page optimization. Onpage optimization deals with all the technical stuff on the website itself. The team at SEORank are well versed in this and would be able to explain it more clearly. Off page optimization everything that effects your website’s visibility in the search results that go beyond the layout and design of the website itself. Off page optimization includes link building or the process of generating inbound links to your website. This is hard work and takes time. Press releases and mentions of your brand in articles on other websites that link back to you are invaluable. The team at SEORank are brilliant in this field, using their years of experience to leverage the best and most valuable publicity for your brand.

SEORank are based in Cape Town but provide professional SEO services for clients all over South Africa and internationally. The small team are dedicated to providing their clients with measurable results at affordable prices.

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